Wildlife Trafficking Cyber Crime Training Program

The Wildlife Trafficking Cyber Crime Training Program (WTCP) concluded on Friday, leaving the ILEA classrooms buzzing with unique cases and thrilling stories.
This one-week curriculum offered an advanced exploration of cybercrime investigative topics related to wildlife trafficking, complemented by engaging field exercises. The program delved into digital evidence, crime scene processing, basic cybercrime investigative techniques, considerations for online undercover operations, and investigations into e-mail, social media, and online marketplaces. Fostering interaction between instructors and participants, the course centered on the exchange of information and techniques by the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) in combating wildlife trafficking through cybercrime investigative techniques in the United States, along with sharing best practices.
Participants had the opportunity to leverage online resources and investigative techniques supporting wildlife investigations. Emphasizing the importance of developing and maintaining national contacts for intelligence exchange between agencies, the course facilitated open dialogue, allowing host nations to gain insights into specific cybercrime issues related to wildlife trafficking faced by participating countries. The highly skilled instructors from FWS shared techniques and methods to combat specific wildlife cybercrime investigative challenges. This collaborative exchange of intelligence and cooperation on cybercrime investigations plays a pivotal role in combating international wildlife trafficking.
Congratulations to all the graduates from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Montenegro, and North Macedonia! Welcome to the expansive ILEA Family. Connect with us on the Alumni Portal!