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ILEA Budapest Training Schedule

ILEA Budapest conducts approximately 35 specialized courses per year utilizing instructors from U.S. Federal Law Enforcement agencies as well as US based local municipal police.  The course schedule is developed through consultation with regional embassies and partner federal law enforcement agencies.  ILEA Budapest is headed by two U.S. accredited diplomats who fall under the US Embassy Budapest Chief of Mission authority and act as Director and Deputy Director.  

Please note that our courses are by invitation only. Please contact the U.S. Embassy in your country to inquire about future training opportunities.  

Table of courses occuring in the 2019 year: 

Proposed Dates
Course Title 
Participating Countries
Coordinating Agency
Jan 14 - 18
Prosecuting Environmental Crime Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Montenegro, Moldova, Romania ENRD
Jan 21 - 25
Crime Scene Management and Forensics Albania, Hungary, Tunisia Morocco FBI
Jan 28 - Feb 2 Emerging Trends in Illicit Synthetic Drug and Production Techniques Bulgaria, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan DEA
Jan 28 - Feb 2
Computer and Network Investigations Course
Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine USSS
Feb 4 - 8
Computer and Network Intrusion Course Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia
Feb 11 - 15
Anticorruption Series: Trafficking in Persons Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Uzbekistan ICE
Feb 18 - 22
Trafficking in Persons Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro ICE
Feb 25 - Mar 1
Anticorruption and Asset Recovery Armenia, Kosovo, Latvia, Montenegro OPDAT
March Mar 4 - 8 Election Crimes Croatia, Georgia, Lithuania, North Macedonia OPDAT
Mar 11 - 15
Advanced Interviewing for Law Enforcement Investigators Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Romania FLETC
Mar 18 - 22
Anticorruption Series: Public Corruption Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Uzbekistan FBI
Mar 25 - 29 Anticorruption Series: Financial Investigations Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Uzbekistan IRS
Mar 25 - 29 Leadership for Law Enforcement Supervisors Albania, Georgia, Hungary, Ukraine FLETC
Apr 1 - 5
Leadership for Law Enforcement Supervisors Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia FLETC
Apr 8 -12
Anticorruption Series: Public Corruption and Internal Affairs Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Uzbekistan FBI
Apr 29 - May 3
International Border Interdiction Training (IBIT) Hungary, Serbia, Turkmenistan CBP
May 20 - 31
Wildlife Trafficking Investigators Program (WTIP) Croatia, Romania, Serbia DOI/FWS

Jun 24 - 28 Cyber Crime Investigations Course Croatia, Georgia,  Estonia, Morocco FBI
Jun 24 - Jul 5
ILEA Roswell Hosted at ILEA Budapest: Anticorruption and Model Law Executive Policy and Development Symposium (AC Series) Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Uzbekistan FBI & FLETC
Jul 8 - 12 Law Enforcement Techniques to Combat Terrorism Lebanon, Montenegro, Morocco, Romania, Serbia, Tunisia FBI
Aug 26 - 30
Financial Investigative Techniques

Albania, Czech Republic, Moldova

Aug 26 - 30
Radiological and Nuclear Smuggling and Detection Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan DOE
Sep 16 - Oct 4
LELD - Law Enforcement Leadership Development Hungary, North Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine
Sep 16 - 27
International Post Blast Investigation (IPBI)

Hungary, Kosovo, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sep 30 - Oct 4 Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Albania, Kyrgyzstan, North Macedonia, Ukraine ICE
Oct 7 - 18
Personnel and Facility Security Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Ukraine DS
Oct 7 - 11
Drug Unit Commander’s Course Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine DEA
Oct 14 - 25
Investigating Criminal Use of Cryptocurrency Georgia, Hungary, Ukraine, Kosovo USSS
Oct 21 - 25
Domestic Violence Armenia, Hungary, Kosovo, Romania LVMPD
Oct 28 - Nov 1
Community Oriented Policing Kyrgyzstan, Libya, North Macedonia, Ukraine LVMPD
Nov 11 - 15
Small Arms Trafficking Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovakia ATF
December Dec 2 - 6 Countering Bias-Motivated Crimes (Hate Crimes) Course Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia APD
Dec 9 - 13 Anticorruption Series: Judges and Prosecutors Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Uzbekistan OPDAT