ILEA Budapest Training Schedule

Please note that our schedule for 2021 may change throughout the year. Courses might be cancelled or virtually hosted according to the Covid-19 situation.

Month Course Start Date Course End
Course Title Week of duration
    13-Jan-21 Drug Trafficking Emerging Trends  2 hours
ONLINE   21-Jan-21 Virtual Judges, Prosecutors Electronic Evidence 3 hours
COURSES    27-Jan-21 Drug Trafficking Emerging Trends  2 hours
    3-Feb-21 Virtual Judges, Prosecutors Electronic Evidence 3 hours
    10-Feb-21 Introduction to Cryptocurrency and Ransomware Briefing  2 hours
  16-Feb-21 18-Feb-21 Cyber Crime and Child Exploitation Investigations 4 hours/ day
  9-Mar-21 11-Mar-21 Drug Trafficking Emerging Trends  2 hours/ day
  16-Mar-21 18-Mar-21 Trafficking in Persons Alumni Refresher Training 4 hours/ day
  13-Apr-21 15-Apr-21 Wildlife Trafficking and Cyber Crime Training Program 4 hours/ day
  20-Apr-21 21-Apr-21 AC - Public Corruption and Internal Affairs 4 hours/ day
  22-Mar-21 25-Mar-21 ILEA-Roswell program hosted at ILEA-Budapest: Exec. Policy & Develop. Anti-Corruption & Model Law Forum 4 hours/ day
  24-Feb-21 Hungarian Online Discussion 2 hours
Mar   8-Mar-21 FORUM - Leadership - International Women's Day 2 hours
Apr   26-Apr-21 FORUM - Cybercrime - Crytocurrency 2 hours
  10-May-21 14-May-21 SIU Direct Unit Commanders 1
May 17-May-21 21-May-21 AC Series: Judges and Prosecutors 1
  24-May-21 28-May-21 AC Series: Public Corruption 1
    26-May-21 FORUM - Child Exploitation 2 hours
  14-Jun-21 18-Jun-21 AC Series: Anticorruption and Asset Recovery  1
Jun 21-Jun-21 25-Jun-21 Cyber Crime Investigations 1
    23-Jun-21 FORUM - Cybercrime Investigations 2 hours
  28-Jun-21 2-Jul-21 Interagency Cooperation in Financial Investigations  1
  28-Jun-21 2-Jul-21 Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation 1
Jul 12-Jul-21 16-Jul-21 Law Enforcement Techniques to Combat Terrorism  1
  12-Jul-21 16-Jul-21 Chemical Diversion 1
  19-Jul-21 23-Jul-21 Emerging Trends in Illicit Synthetic Drug and Production Techniques 1
  26-Jul-21 20-Aug-21 UNAVAILABLE  
  23-Aug-21 27-Aug-21 Cyber Crime Investigations  1
  30-Aug-21 3-Sep-21 Cyber Crime Investigations for Supervisors 1
  30-Aug-21 3-Sep-21 Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering 1
  7-Sep-21 9-Sep-21 Illegal Logging and Forest Crimes 3 hours
  13-Sep-21 24-Sep-21 Personnel and Facility Security 2
Sep 20-Sep-21 24-Sep-21 Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation 1
27-Sep-21 1-Oct-21 Drug Unit Commanders  1
27-Sep-21 1-Oct-21 Judges and Prosecutors  1
  29-Sep-21 FORUM - Drug Investigations / New Drugs 2 hours
Oct 4-Oct-21 14-Oct-21 International Post Blast Investigations  2
  4-Oct-21 8-Oct-21 International Criminal Justice Leadership Project 1
  11-Oct-21 22-Oct-21 Women in Law Enforcement  
    20-Oct-21 FORUM - Public Corruptions 2 hours
  25-Oct-21 29-Oct-21 Small Arms Trafficking  1
  25-Oct-21 29-Oct-21 Radiological and Nuclear Smuggling and Detection  1
  8-Nov-21 12-Nov-21 Domestic and Gender-based Violence  1
Nov 15-Nov-21 19-Nov-21 Countering Bias-motivated Crimes (Hate Crimes)   1
  15-Nov-21 19-Nov-21 Community Policing 1
    16-Nov-21 FORUM - Hate Crime 2 hours
  29-Nov-21 3-Dec-21 Leadership for Women in Law Enforcement 1
  6-Dec-21 10-Dec-21 Digital Evidence Collection  1
Dec 6-Dec-21 10-Dec-21 Public Corruption 1
  13-Dec-21 17-Dec-21 AC Series: Financial Investigations 1
  13-Dec-21 17-Dec-21 Chemical Diversion 1