Wildlife Trafficking and Cyber-crime Investigations

On May 26, 2023, the Wildlife Trafficking Cyber-crime Training Program instructed by the experts of the United Stated Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) concluded.
This one-week curriculum provides advanced cyber-crime investigative topics related to wildlife trafficking which are reinforced through field exercises. The curriculum focuses on digital evidence; crime scene processing; basic cyber-crime investigative techniques; online undercover operation considerations; e-mail, social media and online marketplace investigations. The course encouraged interaction between instructors and class participants and concentrated on the exchange of information and techniques by FWS in combating wildlife trafficking using cyber-crime investigative techniques in the United States and best practices. Participants were also given the opportunity to use online resources and investigative techniques that support wildlife investigations. Instructors offered techniques and methods available to combat specific wildlife cyber-crime investigative issues. This exchange of intelligence and cooperation on cyber-crime investigations is crucial in combating international wildlife trafficking.
Congratulations to our participants from Lebanon, Romania, and Ukraine! Now it’s time for you to join the global conversation through the ILEA Alumni Portal!