USSS Computer and Network Intrusion Courses

Cyber Intrusions are becoming more common, more dangerous and more intrusive and investigators must keep pace with the latest trends to effectively combat this evolving crime.  To assist investigators in this endeavor, ILEA Budapest hosted two consecutive Computer and Network Intrusion courses, where the US Secret Service trained 70 law enforcement personnel from 10 countries.

From January 28 through February 8, participants collected and analyzed various types of evidence from a live computer and learned tools and techniques to collect and analyze an assortment of volatile and semi-volatile evidence. This knowledge applies to a variety of cyber-crimes and is useful for examining both victim and suspect computers. Electronic crimes computer fraud and telecommunications fraud were explored, including numerous international schemes which have been identified. Technology, tools, and equipment available in the law enforcement arena were presented and classroom lectures were augmented with hands-on activities in several areas.

If you participated in a similar course here at the ILEA and used the tools and techniques you learned during the training, let us know about your success!