OPDAT Anticorruption and Asset Recovery Course

On May 12, our Anticorruption Series program concluded its third training for 2023.
The one-week OPDAT Anticorruption and Asset Recovery course is for senior criminal justice practitioners on how to investigate and prosecute corruption and related money laundering cases with a nexus toward combating violent extremism. This ILEA course provides participants with a strategic framework for the prosecution of corruption, money laundering, and related offenses. The program also focused on strategies for combating corruption and recovery of assets laundered overseas including the necessity of competent bodies and actors independent of political interference. It also focused on several fundamental technical issues including collecting domestic financial records, gaining the cooperation of lower-level coconspirators, witness and whistleblower protection, asset recovery techniques, and the importance of prosecutorial and judicial independence. Because the phenomena of corruption, overseas money-laundering, transnational organized crime, and terrorism are connected and often are factors that drive individuals to violent extremism, the organization of this ILEA course tried to retain that complexity by presenting the topics in a single course.
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