Leadership for Law Enforcement Supervisors Course

We are honored to share with you our latest two consecutive courses: Leadership for Law Enforcement Supervisors (MASTER), March 25-29 and April 1-5, 2019. As usual, the courses were lead by outstanding FLETC instructors!

Let us offer you a summary to get you acquainted with the purpose and structure of the training itself. This course focuses on current leadership practices to respond effectively to the challenges of leading in today’s law enforcement culture and environment. This program focuses the new law enforcement leaders' skill bases in the three key enablers of human capital leadership: people, process, and technology. The program focuses heavily on the most important enabler of human capital leadership — "people." Emphasis is placed on behavioral style analysis and values based on observable human behavior, and recognizing “basic needs” which motivate, create and support a positive working climate. Participants recognize and utilize behavioral style characteristics, values, paradigms, and leadership flexibility models for strategically developing human resources. The law enforcement leadership program continues by understanding and aligning their organization’s "shared vision" with mission, vision for the future, core values, goals and objectives, and, leading by example. As part of this course, participants are also introduced to problem solving models and exercises used to identify and formulate strategies to address operational and organizational issues.

The participating countries included: Albania, Georgia, Hungary, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, and Ukraine.

We warmly welcome all 68 of our participants to the ILEA Alumni Family, and wish them to become the best and most inspiring leaders in their regions! We're looking forward to hearing about your successes in the future.

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