ILEA Roswell's: Executive Policy and Development Symposium on Transnational Organized Crime

On July 5, ILEA Budapest concluded a very special course. Organized by ILEA Roswell but hosted at ILEA Budapest, this executive level program was conducted in a forum setting that allowed the participating delegates to develop a deeper knowledge base related to corruption situations, as well as effective mechanism for engaging with the media.

The first part of the symposium focused on strategic leadership and international cooperation related to the effective detection, investigation, and prosecution of corruption crimes.  The participating delegates engaged in discussions, laboratory exercises, as well as delegation presentations outlining their own respective nation’s standards, relevant legislation, and administrative processes related to corruption.  Participants developed and discussed their own approaches to implementing the lessons learned as well as potential proposals for enhanced legislation deemed appropriate related to the prevention and combating of corruption.  They explored best practices and case studies as presented, in correlation and comparison to their own respective nation’s law enforcement organizational cultures, legal systems, and international agreements.  The symposium provided participants with a forum to discuss and develop their own strategies and partnerships across international boundaries in our mutual transnational fight against corruption.

The second part of the symposium focused on media engagement. It included topics of how to effectively engage with the media, dealing with crisis communications and developing strategies for a crisis, developing an effective media strategy and outreach campaign, to include the use of social media, and ensuring effective communication with internal stakeholders. The second part also had case studies and real life scenarios for delegates to utilize the strategies. Strategic senior level leadership in the formulation and development of effective, responsible, public policy were key discussion points, which were carried throughout the program.

Instruction for this course was provided by the FBI and FLETC, and the participating countries included Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia and Uzbekistan.

Congratilations to all of the graduates of the course and welcome in the ILEA Family!