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ILEA Alumnus Enver Levani appointed as General Director of Prison Police in Albania

Enver Levani

Enver Levani

Chief Commissar Enver Levani / General Director of Prison Police in Albania

The ILEA management would like to congratulate alumnus Enver Levani who had been appointed as General Director of Prison Police in the Republic of Albania.

Chief Commissar Enver Levani was a participant of the International Post Blast Investigation Master course in 2018, and at the time served as Unit Commander of Special Forces "RESI", where he started as Deputy Commander of the unit and became Head of Section.

According to Chief Commissar Levani, his ILEA participation affected his career positively in many ways. It was the lessons, best practices and, most importantly, all of the formal and informal information and knowledge he acquired here that helped him shape his own experience within the police. All of this has played a fundamental part in his success as he advanced in his duties within the police and now almost achieving a peak, being the General Director of the Prison Police for the entire Albania. 

Enver stayed in close contact with us throughout the years, and he shared an important piece of advice on leadership with the Alumni community: be in touch with your people, share thoughts, experiences, and best practices, and be open to learn from each other. With this comment, Enver emphasized one of the core missions of the ILEA program.

We are extremely proud of Chief Commissar Levani for his exemplary service to his country and his outstanding achievements as a law enforcement professional.

Dear Enver, the ILEA community wishes you many more successful and happy years both in your personal and professional life, and we look forward to welcoming you back to future courses!