ICE Trafficking in Persons Courses 2019

Between February 11 - 22, 2019, ILEA Budapest held two consecutive courses on Trafficking in Persons, trained by the same agency: Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE). The two courses hosted 67 participants from 9 different countries, including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovakia, and Uzbekistan.  The first course focused on Anti-Corruption as it relates to trafficking matters.  

The aim of these specialized courses was to build the capacity of law enforcement officials to monitor and combat trafficking in persons. The courses included training on the latest policy guidelines and legislative developments concerning trafficking in persons, victim identification techniques, as well as best practices for how to work with a victim and successfully prosecute the trafficker.  The classroom training was followed by practical excersises during which the participants were encouraged to apply the new techniques they've learned while acting out real life situations.

To see more photos from the course, click HERE.