DEA Emerging Trends in Illicit Synthetic Drug and Production Techniques Course

This course has been designed to provide information on the most current trends in synthetic drugs and emerging illicit drug production techniques being encountered around the world. Clandestine drug laboratories are an emerging concern due to the considerable impact they have on the citizens, government, and to the environment. Life threatening hazards are posed to both trained law enforcement personnel, yet unfamiliar with new drugs or manufacturing techniques, or untrained law enforcement personnel in the handling of laboratory equipment and toxic chemicals. Clandestine laboratories include all types of hazards in which law enforcement personnel are potentially exposed to dangers such as contamination, poisoning, fire, explosion, and environmental pollution impact as a result of their involvement in the identification, cleanup, processing, and disposal of toxic chemicals and precursors. Clandestine laboratories include any laboratory where a synthetic process and/or synthetic stage are required to prepare an illicit drug, such as synthetic cannabinoids (“Spice”), Cathinones (“Bath Salts”), methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and methaqualone to name a few. “One–pot” Methamphetamine laboratories, a new emerging hazard in different regions, and its precursors are included in this training.

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