Anticorruption for Judges and Prosecutors Course

On June 23, our Anticorruption Series program reached to its end for this year, with the last part, the one-week Anticorruption for Judges and Prosecutors course concluding.
This course focused on the investigation and prosecution of complex corruption cases. The target audience were prosecutors and judges who have brought cases against mid to high level figures engaged in grand corruption schemes in their respective countries. The course was designed to afford an interactive forum on a range of topics to include international standards in the fight against corruption; corruption and fraud schemes in areas such as healthcare and the justice sector (sharing of experiences/case studies); tools in the fight against corruption, including criminal versus civil enforcement; encouraging the reporting of corruption crimes; effective use of cooperators and informants; developing a cooperative relationship between prosecutor and investigator; the challenges of collecting evidence, especially from overseas financial institutions; and the organization and presentation of complex cases in court; combating corruption through asset recovery (theory and practice); building cooperative relations with civil society and media to better address corruption; forensic accounting and financial audit trails. Key concepts from the UN Convention Against Corruption such as the importance of judicial and prosecutorial independence, and as well as international cooperation and evidence collection, served as a framework for the course curriculum. This workshop, based on case studies, were conducted by expert investigators from OPDAT who have handled such complex cases.
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