Leadership for Women in the Criminal Justice Sector

Our Leadership for Women in the Criminal Justice Sector course, that graduated on October 19 this year, is tailored for women in various positions within the criminal justice system, including police, prosecutors, and judges, who are eager to enhance their leadership skills.
This program delves into contemporary topics such as the "Me Too" movement, addressing sexual harassment, legal remedies, and women's rights within the workplace. The participants also explore leadership principles from the unique perspective of female professionals in the criminal justice sector, tackling issues like Gender Differences, Understanding Human Behavior, Work-Life Balance, and Emotional Intelligence.
Through open discussions, insightful lectures, real-life case studies, self-directed studies, engaging panel discussions, and practical exercises, they collaborate to identify and develop solutions for the common challenges faced by female leaders in the criminal justice field, both locally and globally.
Congratulations to our exceptional graduates from Albania, Kosovo, Hungary, the Kazakh Republic, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan!
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