Leadership for Women in the Criminal Justice Sector Course

On September 2, the participants of the two-week FBI/USSS Leadership for Women in the Criminal Justice Sector course graduated.
This course was designed for women in all law enforcement positions, to include police, prosecutors, and judges with a desire to further develop their leadership skills. The course focused on modern topics such as the “Me Too” movement through discussions of sexual harassment, legal recourse, and understanding your rights as an employee and/or a supervisor. The course also provided a unique opportunity to examine leadership principles from the female law enforcement professional’s perspective and was tailored to focus on issues and challenges common to female leaders in law enforcement such as Gender Differences and Understanding Human Behavior, Work Life Balance, and Emotional intelligence.
Congratulations to all the ladies from Hungary, North Macedonia, Slovakia, and Türkiye! Please stay in touch and don’t forget to join the global conversation through the Alumni Portal!