Investigating Cryptocurrencies Course

On October 25, 24 participants from Georgia, Kosovo, Hungary, and Ukraine successfully graduated the United States Secret Service (USSS) course on Investigating Criminal Use of Cryptocurrency concluded.

This course was a two-week course designed to present participants with a sufficient background on the technologies, techniques, and procedures involved in the criminal use of cryptocurrency. Participants gained an understanding of the mechanics of how various cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies fundamentally work and how to identify the presence of cryptocurrencies in their investigations. This course provided an in depth review and hand-on use of open-source investigative tools, and software applications in order to identify pertinent cryptocurrency selectors and conduct the tracing of suspect cryptocurrency transactions. Participants were introduced to the importance of using computer digital forensics to assist in the furtherance of their investigation and discuss the various issues surrounding the lawful seizure and forfeiture of cryptocurrency by law enforcement. Participants demonstrated knowledge gained in the course through the completion of several practical exercises designed to replicate elements of real-world cryptocurrency investigations.

Congratulations and welcome in the ILEA Alumni Family. Please stay in touch with us and share your success stories!