International Post Blast Investigation (IPBI) Course

One of the most special courses of our curriculum concluded on September 22. The ten-day ATF International Post Blast Investigation (IPBI) course is one of the most exciting ILEA trainings as it offers various practical exercises besides the classroom presentations. The course provides students with hands-on training by teaching the students how to reconstruct components of an explosive device through various investigative techniques, including sifting. The IPBI culminates in a live-explosive exercise, where instructors guide the students through one of three bombing scenarios, where the students must process a crime scene of an explosive detonation of a bomb inside a vehicle. These exercises are designed to analyze the specific duties of each team member, utilizing ATF’s 100 Step method of investigation.
Congratulations to the participants from Croatia, Montenegro, and Tajikistan! As the instructors commented: “As the class progressed beyond the classroom into our practical exercises and live explosives demonstrations, the delegates worked tremendously well in taking the knowledge bestowed upon them during the power point presentations and appropriately applying them in kind during their respective practical post-blast scene investigation...”
Amazing job! Please stay in touch and don’t forget to sign in the Alumni Portal to join the global conversation.