ILEA Directors Bi-Annual Meeting

October 16 2020 09:00

A usual Director’s meeting takes place twice a year, once in Washington, D.C. and once at one of the ILEA locations, with all of the current directors attending. As COVID-19 continued to have a hold on the world, the Bi-Annual Director’s meeting took place online in October, 2020. The meeting is important because topical areas such as program oversight, maximizing program outputs, utilizing virtual environments for courses/alumni events, impact of the current COVID-19 situation on program, strategic planning, program standardization, liaison activities and alumni outreach activities/portal are discussed.  The meeting sets forth a plan for the upcoming year by outlining goals and objectives to provide a narrative for the ILEA program’s continued advancement in not only increasing member nation’s capacity, but most importantly for enhancing U.S. Embassy and agency engagements with those member countries.