Anticorruption Series: Judges and Prosecutors Course

Anticorruption Series: Judges and Prosecutors course concluded today. This anti-corruption course focused on the investigation and prosecution of complex corruption cases. It was designed to afford an interactive forum on a range of topics to include international standards in the fight against corruption; corruption and fraud schemes in areas such as healthcare and the justice sector; tools in the fight against corruption, including criminal versus civil enforcement; encouraging the reporting of corruption crimes; effective use of co-operators and informants; developing a cooperative relationship between prosecutor and investigator; the challenges of collecting evidence, especially from overseas financial institutions; and the organization and presentation of complex cases in court; combating corruption through asset recovery (theory and practice); building cooperative relations with civil society and media to better address corruption; forensic accounting and financial audit trails.
Congratulations to the 20 new members of the ILEA Alumni community from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Morocco!