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Alexandru Porosanu, Unit Chief, Crime Scene Unit, National Forensics Institute, General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police

Alexandru Porosanu

Alexandru Porosanu

Unit Chief, Crime Scene Unit, National Forensics Institute, General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police

Almost six years after his participation at ILEA’s “Advanced Crime Scene Management” program, Police Chief Commissioner Alexandru Poroșanu remains one of the most active promoters of high professional standards in law enforcement across the region and the Academy’s official ambassador. His remarkable investigative skills, language abilities and leadership qualities were clear indications of upcoming successes in the complex field of crime scene management. For more than four years, the nominee has been the coordinator of the specialized team within the Romanian Police deployed all over the country to conduct and coordinate crime scenes or evidence processing in complicated, high-profile and well-publicized cases. The valuable lessons learned at ILEA from experienced trainers provided Mr. Poroșanu with updated investigative tools and with more effective methods to lead evidence response teams.

A great example of his outstanding work is the 2019 serial killer case “Caracal” that led to the successful indictment of one of the most violent criminals in Romanian investigative history, Gheorghe Dincă. Police Commissioner Poroșanu was not only the mastermind behind all the coordination efforts of the evidence collection team dealing with an exceptionally complicated location and an uncooperative suspect, but also the officer who skillfully gained the perpetrator’s trust and convinced him to show the investigators the place where he had hidden the cremated remains of one of the victims. Moreover, in close cooperation with the U.S. Embassy, he facilitated the process of sending the identified human remains for DNA analysis at the FBI specialized lab. Mr. Poroșanu’s forensic expertise, interviewing techniques and management skills have made essential contributions to the success of this investigative effort, but he continues to devote his resources beyond that by mentoring other colleagues who deal with violent crimes and prepare evidence in support of criminal prosecutions.