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Recognition of Lieutenant Colonel Barnabás Dienes for Exemplary Service (Hungary)

Barnabás Dienes

Barnabás Dienes

Lieutenant Colonel / Division Chief / Riot Police / Class of 2019

The ILEA Budapest would like to recognize Lieutenant Colonel Barnabás Dienes, Division Chief at the Hungarian Riot Police, and share two inspiring success stories related to the Law Enforcement Leadership Development course he was a participant of in 2019.

We got to know Lt.-Col. Dienes as a highly competent leader, passionate about his job and eager to learn and grow professionally. He has been the heart of their group due to his cheerful and friendly personality. But what do his subordinates think about him? Our Alumni Program Manager had a conversation with his Deputy Chief of Division Roland Csősz who talked very highly of him. According to Roland, Lt.-Col. Dienes is a kind and humane leader who is also tough when the circumstances require. He also shared a really special and unique event that recently occurred in the Police: due to his exemplary attitude and professionalism, their Commander selected Lt.-Col. Dienes to serve as a mentor to a fellow Division Chief, providing him with best practices on leadership and communications. Barnabás believes that the ILEA training helped him develop a new leadership attitude, and he is happy to utilize new knowledge and skills he learned here daily.

According to the follow-up survey Barnabás filled out for us, the new skills and information he acquired during the course assisted him during multiple arrests, while the close connections he made with fellow participants allowed him to perform certain duties more efficiently. Let’s see a great example of alumni cooperation that lead to a successful project execution!

One day while organizing the upcoming duties for his subordinates, a rather serious case immediately caught his attention: the Central Investigation Prosecutor's Office sought the assistance of 18 of his people. Lt.-Col. Dienes quickly realized that the Detective Prosecutor leading the investigation and initiating the inquiry was a fellow alumnus. Their mutual ILEA experience enabled him to reach out to the prosecutor to request first hand and detailed information on the task, the locations, the equipment needed, as well as the expected media interest. After detailed, yet friendly and direct consultation with the Detective Prosecutor, successful searches, arrests, and seizures were carried out at several locations throughout the country in a way that both the prosecutors and the police were provided with sufficient information, due to which they were able to perform their duties safely and effectively.

Following the successful mission, the Detective Prosecutor expressed his gratitude to the police officers of Lt.-Col. Dienes for their preparedness and attitude. Barnabás believes that given the nature of the task it would have been much more challenging to execute the plan so successfully without personal contact and a shared ILEA experience.

Dear Barnabás, the ILEA management would like to congratulate you on your exemplary service to your country and its citizens. We wish you continuous success and hope to welcome you at our next Alumni event in Hungary!

Alumni community!  We hope this story inspires all of you, and we challenge you to take a moment and reach out to your old friends from the ILEA course!